If you’re an Android developer or someone who just likes to play with custom ROMs, then you should know the importance of Recovery Mode on your Android phone. Recovery Mode is used to clear the data off your phone, backup an existing ROM, and flash new ROMs. For HTC One X owners, you can now enjoy these features by installing the official ClockworkMod Touch Recovery on your mobile phone.

The touch-based CWM Recovery for the HTC One X allows users to navigate its menus with the tips of their fingers. However, there will be special circumstances when you’ll need the official, stock recovery image.  One such instance is when your HTC One X needs to perform over-the-air (OTA) updates.  Stock recovery, rather than custom recovery such as ClockworkMod Touch Recovery, will be needed to successfully flash official OTA firmware updates.

If you have flashed custom recovery on your HTC One X, you can safely return stock recovery to your phone.  By doing so, however, you will be removing ClockworkMod Recovery (or any other custom recovery) from your phone.  Check out the rest of this guide for instructions on how to go back to stock recovery on your HTC One X.


  • We will not be held responsible for any damage arising from the use of these flashing instructions. Use this guide at your own risk.
  • This guide is only compatible with the HTC One X. Using this guide with another device may cause damage.


  • An HTC One X with unlocked bootloader. Go to HTC’s development page and follow the on-screen instructions on how to unlock your phone’s bootloader.
  • A Windows PC
  • USB drivers for your phone must be properly installed on your PC.
  • Battery charge of at least 50%. This will ensure that your phones has enough power to last the entire flashing procedure.
  • Create a backup of your mobile phone data or transfer all your files to the phone’s SD card prior to using this guide.


  1. Download the Fastboot package (Fasboot.zip, 404 kB).
  2. Extract the Fastboot.zip files to your computer.
  3. Download the stock recovery image for the HTC One X from here or here (endeavoru_recovery_signed.img, md5sum: 4af6f2b658d2e13f72e928a72fcde9cd).
  4. Copy the endeavoru_recovery_signed.img file to the folder containing the Fastboot package files.
  5. Open a command prompt within the Fastboot folder by holding down the Shift key while right-clicking on any vacant portion of the folder.  Select Open Command Window here from the menu that appears.
  6. Switch off your HTC One X.
  7. Reboot your phone into Bootloader Mode by simultaneously pressing and holding down the Volume Down key and Power button. In Bootloader Mode, use the Volume keys to navigate and the Power button to select an option.
  8. Select Fastboot Mode from the bootloader menu and connect your phone to the computer via USB cable.
  9. To confirm that your phone has successfully made a connection with your computer, type this command at the command prompt window and press Enter afterward:
    • fastboot devices
  10. If the phone’s serial number is shown on the screen, then the device has successfully connected with your computer.  Otherwise, your computer is unable to communicate with the phone.
  11. To flash the stock recovery image to your phone, type the command below and press Enter afterward:
    • fastboot flash recovery endeavoru_recovery_signed.img.
  12. Once installation is complete, reboot your HTC One X with the following command:
    • fastboot reboot

Congratulations! You have successfully returned the stock recovery on your HTC One X.