What happens when a contemporary art and design studio teams up with an Android OEM? In HTC’s case, you get a limited edition One (M8) with an awesome looking design on its back.

The limited edition handset is built by Singapore-based Phunk design, and it’s extremely rare at that, as only 64 of these bad boys exist. The special handsets will come in both silver and gold variants, with the same intricate design engraved on the back. As you might have guessed, its extremely limited nature means you won’t just be able to waltz into a carrier or retailer and pick one up. Instead, the handsets are expected to be given away through a series of contests and other special promotions.

For those wondering, the Phunk edition One M8 is part of HTC’s “Here’s to Creativity” campaign, and for Phunk it gives folks a look at what they can expect from the studio’s upcoming exhibition.

As soon as we learn more about how you can get your hands on the phone, we’ll be sure to update you! What do you think of the limited edition, like it or not?

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