The release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich signifies a major milestone for Android, not only from the feature and function standpoint, but also design. The newly introduced Holo user interface — alongside Roboto, a font that was specifically designed from the ground up –completes the sleek and aesthetically pleasing look of the platform.

Being a fan of the Holo interface, you may wonder to yourself just where to find a place that’s dedicated to all things Holo and tick all the right Holo boxes – making it easy to track for apps that adhere to Android’s specific design guides on the new user interface. Your search is over, because there’s Holo Everywhere that will answer all of your Holo needs. Holo Everywhere is basically a website that “focuses on apps that exemplify the vision of the ‘Holo Everywhere’ mentality.”

Google wants its new Ice Cream Sandwich to run only apps that combine simplicity, purpose and beauty to create an effortless and powerful experience. So it’s to be expected that the apps that are listed on the website meet those criteria; the standard has been set quite high for Holo. As listed on Google developer’s website, the ideal apps should be able to enchant people, simplify their lives, and make them feel amazing.

Description and design highlights example

It appears there are only a handful of apps listed on the website so far that have met the above requirements. There’s SoundHound, Tasks, Safe in Cloud, WootCheck, Taptu, File Explorer, and a slew of others. You can read description and design highlights of the apps. Aside from leaving comments there, you can also submit your suggestion of apps that are worthy of being listed on Holo Everywhere.