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OmniROM to offer the best "OK Google" hotword customization

Last March we reported on a developer who wanted to bring the "always listening" feature to OmniROM. Well... this is almost ready, guys!
May 26, 2014

Google’s innovation and features may stir the whole industry, but we all know real progress starts once the developer community gets to work. We all love a good ROM, and we must say OmniROM is one of our very favorites. It runs great, was designed with the community in mind, and offers awesome features like the one we will talk about today.

Hotword customization at its best

Last March we reported on a developer who wanted to bring the “always listening” feature to OmniROM – Guillaume Lesniak. We have previously seen this in the Moto X and the Google Experience Launcher with the “OK Google” hotword. It may vary a bit from device to device, but ultimately the idea is that you can speak to your phone and perform various tasks.

Lesniak has finally taken care of the job and is getting ready to release said feature, but there is so much more to it than regular voice commands. The user can customize the hotword unlike we have ever seen before. You can change functions to different hotwords of your choice, and choose what each hotword will do, as you can see in the video below.

You can literally customize any shortcut or feature with a hotword! It seems to work very well and I would love to put this to the test.

How do I get it?

This feature is not quite out yet, but it should be released soon. It might already be out by the time you read this, in which case you can simply head to OmniROM’s website for more details.

Furthermore, we are not sure if all supported devices will be compatible. Guillaume has stated in the past that not all processors can handle this. More specifically, he states that the Snapdragon 800 is, in fact, able to handle Moto X-like always listening capabilities.

We will have to wait a bit more until Guillaume Lesniak can give us all the details.