Omate TrueSmart

Kickstarter just loves smartwatches, doesn’t it?

Another piece of wearable technology, the Omate TrueSmart, is absolutely annihilating its Kickstarter campaign right now. With 23 days to go, the smartwatch is nearly 400% funded, and close to a stretch goal of $500,000. If that threshold is achieved, the TrueSmart will get Sapphire Glass encasing it, which will make it a touch more durable and all kinds of beautiful.

Omate really is a different piece of tech, and stands above the smartwatch frey to date. Waterproof, with its own Android 4.2.2 based interface, the device comes across as a real contender for everyday use. Omate has really done a sublime job of making sure the TrueSmart is capable of being a standalone device, too. Not only can it act in unison with your smartphone, it supports 2G and 3G networks via SIM card.

If you’re wondering about the particulars, the answer is “yes”. You can send texts, make calls, and the device will ship with Play Store support. Their Kickstarter page notes “Omate is also committed to facilitate and encourage the interaction between users and developers pushing the frontier of apps and new uses for Smartwatch 2.0”, so we’ll be interested in seeing the direction Android developers go with the TrueSmart, and smartwatches in general.

The touchscreen is gesture based, as you may guess with a 1.54-inch screen. It’s also got features like a camera which are probably not necessary, but for a standalone device they might be useful at times. If you’re truly interested in having a watch be your only device, a camera is probably something you’d look for.

In comparison to other smartwatches like the Pebble, this simply blows it away. It has a nice interface, and packs in everything you could want. At $199, the TrueSmart hits a pricing window many are likely to be comfortable with taking a chance on. If you were going out, and needed to do little more than check messages or send emails, sliding your SIM card into the TrueSmart would be a great option to have.