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Omate’s Lutetia is a smartwatch designed with women in mind

Omate’s upcoming Lutetia is a circular watch that hopes to appeal to women in ways that current smartwatches may not.
October 14, 2014

Omate’s first smartwatch ended up the center of some controversy due to quality issues and the company’s inability to deliver on all its promised features, but that hasn’t stopped them from keeping in the game. Not too long ago we learned about the Omate X, a watch that’s less about delivering a phone-in-a-watch experience and more about giving us a simple notification/companion device. Now Omate has revealed another companion watch, this time geared towards women and dubbed the Omate Lutetia.

The Lutetia is powered by the same Mediatek Aster MT2502 platform as the Omate X, giving it week-long battery life and the ability to work with Android and iOS. In addition to delivering notifications, the watch also has music controls, spotwatch functions, a timer, basic voice control features, weather and a pedometer.

As for the looks? The first thing you’ll notice is the circular display, which is somewhat akin to the Moto 360, though without the flat tire look. As you can tell, the overall design is more feminine than most smartwatches out there. Whether the looks will actually appeal more to women then existing options remains unseen.

The Omate Lutetia will start pre-orders tomorrow for $169 and will ship around the end of December.