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Oil Rush for Android to bring extensive campaign and amazing graphics (video)

If Android could use anything, it's games with better graphics and involved story lines. Oil Rush promises to bring those very elements when it's released.
January 23, 2013
oil rush
While games on Android have made great leaps over the last few years, there are still some things lacking. Games on Android don’t yet have the involved story lines and impressive graphics you get from some PC and console games. A few come close, but a new game from Unigine promises to raise the bar.

Oil Rush is a strategy game where players fight to gain control of, then protect, oil fields in the ocean. It takes place in a post apocalyptic world where oil is the new money. Since oil is practically money already, it’s not a stretch of the imagination.

The game play for Oil Rush is indicative of a strategy game. You build up your side while you continuously defend it. Then you attack and take new oil rigs. There are a range of upgrades you can unlock and a variety of ways to do battle. In terms of game play, it’s nothing fans of Starcraft haven’t seen before.

There are two features that will make or break the game. The graphics and the story line. Oil Rush originated as a PC game and it shows. The graphics are amazing and will instantly be among the best graphics ever when it’s released to Android. If you’d like to see it, we’ve posted a video below.

Oil Rush developers Unigine also promise there will be an extensive campaign mode. Given that struggles for oil last for years, this is also quite believable. It’ll be a fresh change from the shallow story lines of many Android games today.

Is there anything Oil Rush doesn’t have?

Yes, a release date. It’s currently available on PC via Steam for $19.95. However, the Android version hasn’t been released yet. Also, there are some compatibility issues. According to Phone Arena’s Ray S, this is only compatible with select Snapdragon S4 chipsets. Namely, the MSM8960, APQ8064 and MPQ8064.

So if you don’t have a Snapdragon S4, then you may not be able to play this game. For everyone else, there are great graphics, an extensive story line, and a unique new strategy game waiting for you. Also, there will be an SDK released so modders can add to it. Game, set, and match, Oil Rush.

When this gets released, will anyone be giving it a shot? Let us know what you think of Oil Rush. Also, check out the press release below the video!

Oil Rush 3D mobile strategy game is announced for Android

UNIGINE Corp. announced that Oil Rush, an epic naval strategy game, is coming in February to Android devices based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chip. The game – as well as a free demo – will hit the Google Play store and bring next-generation 3D graphics, hardcore depth and touch-native controls for mobile users. It is based on the proprietary multi-platform UNIGINE Engine and developed by UNIGINE Corp.

Oil Rush for mobile invites players to smash through raging waves of enemies while experiencing a thrilling story of apocalypse, technology, and battles that players have been enjoying on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X since the game’s release in January 2012. Originally designed with touchscreen controls in mind, Oil Rush features unique gameplay that is native for the mobile platform and is based on group control. It avoids micromanagement of every single unit, offering strategic depth and focusing on fast-paced and swift attacks, smart defensive tactics, and development of a rich technology tree.

“Oil Rush is an exciting development because not only we provide a game that, I’d say, approved for the hardcore audience, but also because we expand the popular strategy genre to the Android market,” commented Denis Shergin, CEO of UNIGINE Corp.

Key Features

Stunning 3D graphics, a next step for mobile gaming visuals
Varied environments in a flooded post-apocalyptic world, from the tropics to the Antarctic
Wide range of mission types to create a gripping experience
Strategic depth due to multi-level upgrade options and a balanced technology tree
Quick game mode for battles with up to three AI opponents
Long, full-featured campaign packed with challenging, story-based missions

Oil Rush will unleash the full potential of cutting-edge and flexible UNIGINE technology for flagship smartphones and tablets. For six months following release, the game will be available for Android mobile devices powered by the latest Snapdragon S4 chips (MSM8960, APQ8064 and MPQ8064), including Samsung Galaxy S III LTE, Motorola RAZR M, Google Nexus 4 and Lenovo IdeaPad, among others. Besides Android, the technical excellence of UNIGNE Engine, an all-in-one middleware, is available for a wide range of other platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and PS3.

About UNIGINE Corp.

UNIGINE Corp. is an international company focused on real-time 3D technologies development. Over 7 years on the market, the company offers top-notch real-time 3D solutions for video games development, scientific research, simulation, visualization, serious games, virtual reality systems and more.
The company is also renowned for its performance benchmark products, such as “Heaven DX11 Benchmark”, the world’s first 3D benchmark with full support for Microsoft DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.0.

UNIGINE Corp. is a registered developer of Apple Inc., AMD Inc., NVIDIA Corporation and Creative Technology Ltd. As a registered developer, UNIGINE works closely with its ecosystem partners in order to achieve the best level of performance and compatibility for all of our products. The company also develops technologies for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iOS and has a license to develop tools and middleware for PLAYSTATION®3 platform.

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