The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a beast of a smartphone that is on a league of its own when it comes to its popularity and sales pulling power. The impressive résumé continues with the phone’s stellar battery life. Packing a 2,100mAh juice pack, it’s more than enough to handily beat the iPhone 5 and other similar challengers by a mile.

Despite the already exceptional battery performance, some folks can’t help to want more out of the device. Enter the official extended battery kit for the flagship phone, which bumps up the battery capacity to 3,000mAh.

News about the extended battery kit have been making rounds for months, but like other official Samsung accessories, we have to take the stance of seeing is believing. In this case, we’ve received confirmation from one retailer that it’ll start shipping the kit in 8 weeks.

The 3,000mAh battery kit is available in blue and white, and you can pre-order it now for £39.99 ($65). Not only will you get an extra 900mAh battery power, but it will also come with a replacement back cover and offer the same NFC functionality like the original power pack.

Any takers?