In late June, the developers of the official Facebook for Android app brought out version 1.6.0, which presumably also brought with it a lot of new features such as improvements to the News Feed, video uploading functionality, and Page viewing functionality, aside from bug fixes. An updated version is out, version 1.6.1, and is now available on the Android Market.

A lot of people saw the 1.6.0 update as a big step forward, although it came with new issues, too. The latest update, version 1.6.1, is supposed to iron out the kinks further, as well as add new stuff. According to Facebook, the app’s latest version includes the following:

  1. Improved Pages support
  2. View the full list of Pages you Like as well as Pages you admin
  3. Post as a Page you admin
  4. Tag Pages in status updates using “@”
  5. Various bug fixes

Support for tagging is particularly a good one, since it would bring the experience closer to that of desktop Facebook access. With version 1.6.1, mobile users can now use Facebook’s infamous “@” tagging feature on their Android devices.

Give the Facebook for Android app a test drive and see how much better (or much worse) it is. Have you installed this app already?