According to ebayinkblog, the long awaited eBay Android app is now available for free at the Android Market. If you would like to give it a go you can download it by searching for “eBay” from the Android Market on your handset. So what’s so useful about this application?

Aside from the usual features such as search via typing, the eBay application also offers speech-to-text voice search which allows you to say what you want. The application will then do its best to decode what you’ve said and go find everything it can that matches that search criteria. To use this feature all you need to do is touch the microphone button near the search bar. Then, say what you would like to find and the application does the rest.

With the eBay application for Android, you can search, buy, pay, and check status of your eBay activity no matter where you are. The app will alert you about your auctions, so you never miss the opportunity to get that hard-to-find item! The app also features convenient voice-enabled search, status updates for sellers, and the ability to leave feedback. Whether it’s finding that special collectible, checking the status of your auctions, or paying with PayPal, eBay is open for business anytime, anywhere on your Android enabled phone.