chromebook pixel lightbar

You read our earlier post, right? We shared all the official info about the Chromebook Pixel, including the link to purchase it. Well, if that didn’t get you all giddy, this will!

What we have here is the official video for the Chromebook Pixel. Not a leaked video, but the real deal from the real source. What we see is a Chromebook, all grown up. It’s sleek, it’s modern, and it’s amazing. We were all curious if what we had seen prior was the actual Chromebook Pixel, or even if that was the official name. We had a lot of question marks surrounding the product, but today has given us the proof we need. It’s real, it’s here, and we want one… badly.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Sit back, click that “Turn off the lights” extension on your Chrome browser, and hold a bucket under your chin for the drool. Put the cursor over the loop on the bottom left of the video, because you’re going to want to see this 5 or 900 times.