Tennis is probably one of the most popular sports in the world. Everyone knows the names of the greats: Agassi, Navratilova, Federer, Graf, Nadal, and a score of others. Usually when one thinks of the royal sport, the Wimbledon competition comes up in one’s mind.

However, there are three others that occupy that exalted position as tennis’ top proving ground. The US Open and the French Open usually draw the most eyes, but the Australian is as much a Grand Slam event as the others – and it’s just recently started this last January 16th.

For tennis fans who want to get their regular fix of tennis action and not miss any of the highlights, Tennis Australia and IBM have joined forces to release an official Android app for the tournament.

Users can download the app right now on the Android Market under the name of 2012 Australian Open. With access to this app, a tennis fan will have enough info on his fingertips about the latest action on the green court – as well as upcoming events. Created to deliver multimedia content, this app can handle live scores and commentary, as well as providing people with up-to-the-minute photos and player profiles.

There is even an interactive event guide that will let fans watch on-demand video coverage of the matches, along with interviews with the players and additional content that includes match reviews and previews. All of this in a single app – no need to go to various web sites for your tennis fix. Just download it and have the Australian Open explode on to your Android phone.

Aerol Bibat
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