Every jet setting business traveler has been there. You’re all set for the meeting or conference or lecture or what-have-you and then you suddenly hit a snag. You need a document printed out. Not just any document that you can have dashed out on the office printer. This needs a bit of a special touch, like it needs to be on glossy paper or you maybe somewhere without a printer.

Well, if you’re near one of OfficeMax’s 900+ ImPress® Print Centers, you may need not worry. This is because the guys at OfficeMax have decided to make your life easy by releasing their new Print Center app. With this app installed into your Android device, you can upload, customize and schedule for any document or image to be printed out and ready for pic-up at any of their branches. This is a time saver if you’re on your way to that important conference and don’t have time to wait for things to arranged properly by a clerk.

The app itself is a full-service mobile printing app, which means it will handle more than photos. If you’re familiar with Kodak’s Pic Flick then you know the basics, though this time you’re working with more than just photos. You simply add your documents from whatever access point you have: phone, email, and even Google Docs. While on the app you can create a document library, look at past printings, and pinpoint a store for easy pick-up – all from just the app.

Additional customization options for images, like cropping, colors or even size can inputted. Finally, you’ll be updated as to the status of the print job as it is completed.

So no need for that portable printer – better give this app a spin.

Source: Android Guys

Aerol Bibat
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