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OfficeDrop: Capturing documents, scanning PDF files, and sharing them in the cloud

July 16, 2012

Before cloud technology and online collaboration were possible, file sharing and collaborating were a nightmare. Sure, you could email files to your group mates or colleagues, but if you didn’t have a streamlined system for organizing your files, you’d soon discover a quickly growing mess of files. You should have seen my thesis computer folder.

The days before Google Docs and Dropbox were indeed dark, hilarious, and cluttered days. Syncing important files across computers is now possible and you don’t even have to bring a USB stick with you when you have a presentation. Technology, however, has been continuously pushing the envelope and today we’ll be taking a look at an app that makes sure you can take your physical documents with you, too.

Introducing OfficeDrop, an app that allows you to use both your smartphone and your scanner for capturing documents, scanning PDF files, saving documents as PDFs, and sending them to the cloud. Say goodbye to photocopying because with OfficeDrop, you can go paperless and simply share your scanned files with others.

When you launch OfficeDrop, you’ll be asked to create an OfficeDrop account for free. This free account comes with 5 GB of searchable storage, can display your top 3 search results, as well as allows web, mobile, and tablet access. For the casual user, this sounds like a good deal already.

On the home screen, you can see the six buttons for Upload & Share, Scan from Camera, Search Files, Browse, Saved, and Settings.

Under Upload & Share, you can choose to scan a document using your device’s camera or you can select a single page from the camera roll. Choose any document you want to scan, hold your device up to it, and tap on the capture button. You can then adjust it if it’s in the wrong orientation and once you’re done, OfficeDrop automatically uploads it to the cloud as a PDF.

If you’ve scanned several pages worth of documents, you won’t need to open individual files just to read them in one go. Right after you save your PDF, you can choose to email a public link or a private link to friends or colleagues.

Scanning isn’t the only way to get your documents to the cloud, though. If you have a file saved locally on your device, you can upload it to your OfficeDrop account.

Search Files lets you enter a word for OfficeDrop to search for. OfficeDrop will search not just your file names but the content of your PDFs, as well.

Add an item to your Favorites and you’ll be able to save it to your Android device with automatic cloud backup. You can also set reminders on documents so that you’ll never forget to email a file to a colleague or forget to pay your bill.

To be able to use OfficeDrop effectively, you can download its free Windows sync client for your desktop computer.

For users who have a lot of files, the 5 GB you receive when you sign up for OfficeDrop may not be enough for you. You can purchase a Single User paid plan starting at US$9.99 a month with unlimited document search results and larger search storage.

If you’re using OfficeDrop to coordinate files for your team, you can purchase the Multi User paid plan starting at US$44.95 a month which gives you unlimited document search, larger searchable storage, multiple user logins, and admin controls.

To start organizing your files and keep them synced across all your mobile devices and your computer, get OfficeDrop today. You can download it free from the Google Play Store.