Office Suite

Although there are many document editors out there for Android, many times these types of apps can be rather pricey. Luckily, for a limited time you can pick up the highly-acclaimed Office Suite Pro for just $.99 via Google Play.

Office Suite is normally $15, so this is a pretty substantial discount. That said, it has been a free app of the day on Amazon’s Store in the past.

As far as compatibility is concerned? Word, Excel and PDF documents will play nice with Office Suite for both editing and creating new files. There are quite a few features found in Office Suite, including a full spell check, built-in file browser, presentation module and more.

Although a full-fledged word processor experience on a PC still beats out most of these mobile apps, Office Suite is certainly worth the dollar it takes to purchase it.

Keep in mind that this is likely a limited time promotion, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to pick this up right away if you are interested.

Anyone already pick this app up? If so, what do you think of it?

Andrew Grush
Andrew Grush has been with Team AA for 5 years now. He's passionate about tech, writing, gaming, and doing his best to help grow the AA team.