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Office Depot Nexus 7 launch set for July 12?

July 11, 2012

Google’s Nexus 7 is slowly but surely approaching its official launch as both Google and other third-party retailers are getting ready to accommodate your tablet needs – and by that I mean shipping the Nexus 7 or making the device available in stores.

While we wait for Google to announce the release date of the Nexus 7 – somewhere around mid July – we’ll tell you that pre-orders are still available to anyone interested in the device. In fact, Office Depot is the latest retailer to offer Google Nexus 7 pre-orders. According to a leaked document dug up by Droid-Life, Office Depot “will be authorized to pre-sell the new 16GB Google Nexus 7 tablet in all stores and online.” The device will cost $249.99, which is what Google is charging for it inside Google Play.

Furthermore, the same document reveals that the 16GB Nexus 7 tablet will ship starting with Thursday, July 12 – on the same day, inventory will begin to arrive to 341 select stores.

Those of you interested in getting their hands on a Google Nexus 7 tablet as fast as possible should definitely check with your closest Office Depot retail store to find out more details about the availability of the device. The company will not sell the 8GB version initially, although the document hints that the cheaper Nexus 7 will hit Office Depot at some point in the future.

In case the July 12 date turns out to be the day Office Depot does indeed start shipping the Nexus 7, then we can only assume that Google will also ship the device to those of you that pre-ordered it from Google Play around the same day. We’ll be back with more details once we know more, so don’t go anywhere!