Moto X

A leaked screenshot seems to suggest that Republic Wireless will soon sell the Moto X for $299, without a contract.

One of the most criticized aspects of the Moto X is its unsubsidized price, which is a lot higher than initially anticipated. While the device costs $199 with a contract (16GB version), customers interested in paying full price for the handset will have to shell out at least $580 for the same 16GB model. Before the handset was announced, rumors suggested that Motorola will sell the Moto X for a Nexus 4-like price, but that didn’t happen.

Now, it looks like Republic Wireless wants to change all that, and sell the Moto X for $299 unsubsidized.

Sure, the handset will probably work only on Republic Wireless, but this is still a great deal for customers who are going to choose Republic Wireless for their mobile needs and who are also looking for a new device.

Moto X Republic Wireless

A reddit user who may have seen Republic Wireless’ Moto X teaser campaign on Google+ apparently looked for more details on this Moto X version and discovered the information in the screenshot here.

However, those web pages are gone now, and the carrier is yet to announce the Moto X – a proper announcement is expected for next week.

Will you buy an off-contract Moto X from Republic Wireless?

Update: It’s official! Republic Wireless has now confirmed its intentions to sell the Moto X for $299 outright, starting in November. In addition to offering the Moto X, the carrier is also rolling out several new plans that range from $5 to $40 a month. For more details or to sign up to receive a notification when the Moto X is available, head over to Republic Wireless’ website.