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Save $100 on the Sirius B: The Windows 10 PC that fits in your pocket

The Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry is about the size and weight of a smartphone, but as powerful as a desktop PC. It’s on offer this week at Tech Deals.
November 23, 2018

We love innovation here at AA Picks, especially when it’s combined with a big saving. Today’s deal doesn’t disappoint. The Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry is a Windows 10 32GB PC that fits in your pocket, and there’s $100 off the list price this week.

The Sirius B is as small and light as a smartphone or portable hard drive, but as powerful as a desktop PC. Wherever you find a TV or monitor with HDMI capability you can easily connect this pocket PC to it. Add a mouse and/or keyboard and you’ve got a station for work, games, or just a bit of movie time.

Your super-portable PC offers some decent specs too. A quad-core Intel processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB flash storage, and high-speed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to name a few. Plus, with a wide range of inputs and outputs, you can link with just about any device you want.

Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry Pocket PC

One more nice touch is that the Sirius B Pocket PC is totally silent. A classy heat sink — in the pattern of the Canis Major star constellation — combined with a flash drive and no fan, means there’s no noise from anywhere, as well as ultra-low power consumption.

The Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC at a glance:

  • Compute powerfully on the move with Intel-powered Windows 10
  • Turn any television into a smart media center and store your stuff aboard the pocket PC
  • Connect to almost any device you want with a USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0 port, an HDMI port, Micro SD card slot, and AUX-in/AUX-out.
  • Browse, email, stream, or anything else with a 100 percent silent device
  • Play almost all games available on the Windows 10 game store
  • Carry in your pocket for extremely easy access & portability

Right now at Tech Deals you can save over one-quarter on the retail price of the Sirius B. While the deal lasts, you can get one for only $249. Even if you can’t let go of your main machine, at this price the Sirius B could act as a trusty, portable backup.

The deal finishes in a matter of days, so follow the link below to take advantage while you can.

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