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Obscure lets you edit messages, send them, and delete them later if you want

Obscure is a new app that lets you edit and send pics and messages. Decide you don’t want a person to have access to your pics and messages anymore? You can delete them even after sending.
October 6, 2014

Obscure is a new free app that has arrived to Google Play, bringing an experience somewhat akin to photo/message sharing apps like Snapchat but with a few twists to the experience.

Obscure actually lets you send messages and pictures to your existing contacts, Google+ friends, Facebook friends and other sources. While the messages don’t expire, you can delete them any time after sending them off. This is good if you accidentally sent a message or picture, or if your situation changes and you no longer want a contact keeping on to your pics and messages. If you’re afraid someone is going to take a screenshot of your messages/pics in order to permanently save them, Obscure says that it disables this from happening (though a smart modder can probably find a way around this).

Beyond this, there’s some interesting features like a text filter to scramble your messages if you want to keep them private from someone looking over your shoulder, or you can also apply a variety of filters and stickers/doodles to the pictures you send to your friends (obscuring them, hence the name). For more details, you’ll want to check out their Google Play listing.