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Oakley Airwave ski goggles bring a heads-up display, GPS and Bluetooth with a $600 price tag

The Oakley Airwave ski/snowboard goggles are officially available for purchase. These goggles promise to "revolutionize" the way you ski and bring goodies to include a heads-up display along with GPS and Bluetooth.
November 2, 2012

I have to confess that I am not much of a snow person, but seeing these Oakley Airwave goggles and I almost wish that I was. Or maybe in an effort to avoid bringing this happy Floridian to the snow, is to hope that Oakley finds a way to bring this same technology into glasses for other sports. My wishing aside though, the good news is that the Oakley Airwave ski/snowboard goggles are now available for sale.

We should warn you though, these babies do not come cheap. The Oakley Airwave goggles are $599.95. Of course, given the technology, the price is probably justified. As to what they offer — just to begin with, the Airwave goggles have a heads-up display, GPS and Bluetooth. Additional sensors in the goggles will offer details on your altitude, speed and vertical descent.

The Airwave goggles can also be paired with your Android smartphone and display your incoming calls and text messages as well as any music playlists. And on top of viewing playlist information, you can also access and control those playlists. Oakley notes that the heads-up display is like looking at a 14-inch display from a distance of five feet.

And for those who are worried about being distracted by the heads-up display, here is how Oakley addresses that concern.

“When you are active on the mountain, you will have clear and open vision without obstruction or distraction. When it is time to stop and review your performance or get vital information, you simply move your eye toward the miniature prism lens.”

Otherwise, aside from the cool tech inside, the Oakley Airwave goggles have Oakley Plutonite lens material which filters out 100 percent of all UV light and a chassis that is made of lightweight Oakley O Matter which is said to stay “comfortably flexible.” Bottom line here, while this price is certainly not going to make these good for everyone, they do sound really cool.