The new Google flagship handset was unveiled earlier today, although we knew almost everything there was to know about it for weeks now, and it will soon hit various retailers around the world, carriers included.

In the UK, O2 will have a brief 1-month exclusivity deal on the device, and to make things even more interesting, the carrier will offer a great incentive to customers looking to buy the handset, a free LG HDTV. Unfortunately the promotion is only available to the first 100 customers that will get the handset next month:

To celebrate its coup, O2 will again be inviting a select few customers to brave the elements and their own vertigo and climb to the top of the O2 Arena in Greenwich. As with the iPhone 5, customers who do so will be able to buy the Nexus 4 while overlooking the London skyline.

While we have no idea what kind of LG TV will be offered to the first lucky Nexus 4 buyers, it’s still a great deal to take advantage of, especially with the holiday season upon us. Depending on how you look at it, you’d end up either with a free TV or a free Nexus smartphone, although certain conditions could apply – and by that we expect that in order to qualify for the free TV customers will have to ink a new contract with the carrier.

It’s worth noting that Carphone Warehouse’s recent Nexus 4 leak revealed that the phone would be selling with O2 and Vodafone contracts at first, while other UK carriers, namely EE, were not mentioned on that product page. However, that page went down on the same day, so we expect to find out more details about UK Nexus 4 availability dates in the near future.

Any excited O2 Nexus 4 buyers out there?