O2 AndroidAccording to Hayo Lücke at BasicThinking.de, O2 Germany plans to offer 6 to 8 Android OS based smartphones to its customers by the end of the year.  Lücke attributes the information to an unnamed O2 XDA product manager  he claims to have spoken with at O2’s Innovation Days 2009 event in Munich.  Lücke says that the product manager was not willing to say when O2 would start offering Android phones.

For others of you out there that can also read German, here’s an excerpt:

Offiziell wollte es der Marketing-Chef zwar nicht verraten, aber der für die o2 XDAs zuständige Product-Manager war schon etwas auskunftsfreudiger. Bis Ende 2009 sollen bei den Münchnern sechs bis acht Handys erhältlich sein, die das offene Google-Betriebssystem unterstützen. Wann es los geht? Gute Frage, darauf wollte sich keiner wirklich festnageln lassen.

O2 is a subsidiary of Telefónica, a member of the Google lead Open Handset Alliance that backs the Android OS.

My take on all of this?  I have to say that it all seems a bit unrealistic.  So far we have only seen one manufacturer that has put out one single Android OS based product.  Obviously we know that more are to be announced at Mobile World Congress a little over a week from now, but for O2 to make 6 to 8 different handsets available by year-end seems hugely optimistic, at best.

On top of that, we have but one source for this rumor.  And remember folks, it is simply that: a rumor.

[via Phandroid.com]