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Nyandroid Easter Egg Hidden Inside Ice Cream Sandwich

November 16, 2011

It has become a tradition for Google engineers to put Easter eggs in every Android version that comes out of their kitchen, and Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) is no exemption.  In the Gingerbread, Google placed a horde of zombies, while it was a buzzing bee, of course, for Honeycomb.  This time, for Ice Cream Sandwich, they placed a flying Bugdroid, styled in a similar way to the Nyan Cat on YouTube that spread around virally a while back.

To view the ICS Easter egg, navigate to Settings > About phone and tap several times on the Android version.  A small Bugdroid comes to life on your screen, but it doesn’t do anything at all. However, if you long-press on Bugdroid, he grows bigger and bigger right before your eyes. After which, he turns into a gazillion tiny Androids zooming from left to right on your screen. Check the video below to see its awesomeness.

The Google guys have been known for genius applications and helpful tidbits but the Easter eggs they put into Android are something that Android fans have always been excited about whenever a new OS version comes out.

Nyandroid has been flying around the Web as the popular name for this Nyan-Cat-style Bugdroid wrapped in an ice cream sandwich.  What better name could you think of for this flying robot?