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The Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin is well known for his industry connections, which sometimes enable him to provide leaks or predictions that turn out to be highly accurate. That’s not to say that Murtazin hasn’t had his fair share of misfires, but his reputation is generally solid.

Here’s the latest gem that Eldar Murtazin has supposedly uncovered – Nvidia wants to improve its standing in the market by essentially becoming a white label device maker for small companies in developing markets.

You know those no-name tablets and smartphones going on the cheap in India, China, or Russia? They are usually powered by MediaTek chips, and they usually lack in quality. Nvidia wants to give the small companies that sell them the chance to offer a superior product at the same low price. To do so, the Santa Clara-based giant will create reference platforms, which are basically readily-built devices that a company can personalize and use as its own.

This business is widely spread in Asia, where millions of devices, from smartphones to HDTVs are manufactured by white label makers, and sold by other companies under their own brands.

Nvidia’s goal is to earn market share in some of the fastest growing markets in the world. The mobile revolution is in full swing outside the Western world, with China, Russia, or Brazil seeing huge growth rates year over year. If Nvidia manages to pull this off, it can ensure a bright future for its mobile products.

A few points that support Murtazin’s report:

  • first, Nvidia is already making its own Android device, the Project Shield handheld console;
  • second, Nvidia has been offering reference designs to video card makers with great success;
  • third, Nvidia needs to pull out all stops if it wants to achieve any growth against the current undisputed champion of the mobile IC market, Qualcomm.

If this report proves accurate, we could see a wave of cheap, good-quality Android devices, all based on Nvidia’s design starting this summer. More great products at great prices? We’re all behind that!

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