Nvidia announced on its blog on Friday that its TegraZone app on Google Play has reached the 5 million downloads milestone. This impressive performance makes TegraZone the leading game discovery service on Google Play.

Nvidia has a long and proud history of delivering the best hardware for gaming, dating back to the age of the video cards wars. But while the manufacturing of video cards is becoming a less important business for the Santa Clara-based corporation, Nvidia is honoring its gaming pedigree in the mobile industry.

Nvidia’s TegraZone portal and app discovery service are open to those of you that own devices powered by Nvidia’s systems-on-a-chip. Devices like the Nexus 7, Asus’ popular Transformer lineup, and the international version of the HTC One X are all powered by the Nvidia-made quad-core Tegra 3 SoC.

To promote its Tegra processors, Nvidia has launched TegraZone, an app discovery tool dedicated to Tegra devices. Games featured in the TegraZone are designed to take advantage of the graphical prowess of Nvidia’s chips. These titles feature advanced effects like ragdog physics, realistic water, and particles effects. Notable games that are exclusive or have separate TegraZone editions include Dead Trigger, Renaissance Blood, Max Payne Mobile, or ShadowGun.

If you own a Tegra-powered smartphone or tablet and would like to check out the TegraZone service, get it from Google Play, or visit the web portal.

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