NVIDIA’s new site for Tegra-2-optimized games is now online at TegraZone.Com.  The new site, just as the Tegra Zone app that NVIDIA launched last March, allows users to browse Tegra-optimized games for Tegra-powered devices.

TegraZone’s appearance resembles the Tegra Zone app for Android found in Tegra 2 devices, with additional functionality for gamers to interact with each other. According to NVIDIA’s official announcement, the TegraZone site includes community forums where users can interact and discuss their favorite Tegra-optimized games.

To celebrate the launch of the new site and also to generate more buzz, NVIDIA is giving away five Acer Iconia Tab A500 tablets and 15 NVIDIA T-shirts to lucky winners from the U.S. and Canada.  Winners will be drawn by raffle on September 15.

A billion-dollar industry in itself, gaming has become inseparable from modern-day mobile devices, and has also been one of the reasons why Android smartphones and tablets have been standing tall in the market.  NVIDIA has been among the leading companies to revolutionize mobile gaming, especially with its fast and powerful Tegra processors and Tegra-optimized games from NVIDIA’s partner game developers.

Through the newly launched TegraZone site, you can now use your desktop or laptop to browse game reviews, check out star ratings, view screenshots, and watch game trailers that make you beg for more. You’ll also get to know more of the hottest news on Tegra, read game critiques, and interact with other players online.

With the more than a quarter of a million apps available on the Android Market, a game app may have to face stiff competition for attention from the millions of Android gaming enthusiasts worldwide.  NVIDIA’s solution to that is both the TegraZone site and the Tegra Zone app, which provides a narrower avenue for games to get noticed and viewed.

What is your favorite Tegra-optimized game?

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