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NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 has been making a lot of buzz since breaking all kinds of benchmarks, but we haven’t heard much of its little brother, the Tegra 4i. NVIDIA posted up a video Tuesday showing off the Tegra 4i in a reference phone they call the Phoenix.

The Tegra 4i, while not as powerful as the Tegra 4, is designed to bring great performance to a smartphone with an integrated LTE modem. To show what the Tegra 4i is all about, NVIDIA built the Phoenix reference phone. They will provide it to OEMs so they can build their own Tegra 4i-based phones.

Despite being a reference device, the Phoenix is a full functioning smartphone. It has a stunning 5-inch 1080p display, the Tegra 4i with LTE and a 13MP camera that features NVIDIA’s Chimera tech, which gives you instant lag-free HDR photos, HDR video, and even HDR panoramic photos.

The Tegra 4 and Tegra 4i are truly amazing platforms. Based off of the benchmarks we saw the other day, it would be awesome to see the Tegra 4 in the next generation of Nexus 7’s. Let’s just hope that NVIDIA will be able to make a larger splash with the Tegra 4 than they did with the Tegra 3.

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