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Nvidia Tegra 4 Android tablet coming from… wait for it… HP

HP is reportedly going to launch the first Nvidia Tegra 4 Android tablet and the company may be working on Android smartphones as well.
February 13, 2013

Yes, it’s not a joke, we’re not trying to make fun of our readers today with news that HP may be among the first companies to launch a Nvidia Tegra 4 Android tablet this year.

ReadWrite has it from to unidentified “sources familiar with the matter” that the HP Android tablet will be a high-end device that will be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 4 CPU that was unveiled at CES 2013 next month.

Considering that MWC 2013 will kick off in a few weeks, you’d expect HP to announce and demo the device publicly in Barcelona, Spain, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. HP will hold private meetings at the show according to the report, so we’ll have to wait for leaks regarding this Android tablet.

Speaking about leaks, we’ll point out that the publication doesn’t have any actual details about this upcoming device when it comes to specs and features, except for Tegra 4 support of course. Images are not available and we don’t have a product name for the tablet either.

But it’s definitely interesting to hear that HP wants to be an Android OEM maker right now. Moreover, it appears that the company will also work on Android smartphones, although it’s not clear at this point whether they’ll see stores in 2013 or later down the road.

HP managed to effectively kill webOS for a second time, after resurrecting Palm with a $1.2 billion buyout in 2010. The company unveiled a bunch of new Pre smartphones, but also the 10-inch HP TouchPad webOS tablet, all doomed to failure. The later enjoyed quite some popularity after its launch, as HP quickly lost patience with it and decided to drop the entire stock at fire sale prices.

The HP TouchPad become even more popular with the Android crowd that managed to install and successfully run Android on the device.

Will HP be more successful at making a profit off of mobile devices this time around? Considering that more people like Android compared to the number of webOS fans from two years ago, one could safely say that HP isn’t doing a bad thing getting in bed with Google. After all, the company has just launched its first Chromebook PC, so why not make Android hardware as well?

At the same time, not every Android maker is running a Samsung-like profitable operation, so it may take a while until HP starts making serious money off of Android devices.

Anyone looking to buy HP Android hardware?