Google-IO-2013 NVIDIA Tegra 4 Shield 2 1600 aa

Owners of the NVIDIA Shield have a very nice update waiting for them.

Yesterday, the NVIDIA team began rolling out Update 59 to Shield, which brought a host of performance updates. Perhaps most importantly, storage fiends can now move games to the SD Card, allowing for nearly unlimited storage. The full changelog is available on the NVIDIA website, but here’s the rundown:

  • Ability to move select app and game program (APK) files from SHIELD internal storage to the microSD card.
  • Improved Miracast streaming with Actiontec ScreenBeam Pro
  • Improved PC streaming stability, gamepad detection, and Wi–Fi performance
  • Support for Tegra developer tools: CPU sampling profiler (Tegra Profiler) and GPU analysis (PerfHUD ES).

Top to bottom, that’s an improvement on just about every level: storage, game play, streaming, and development. The streaming improvements are definitely a boon for those of us who wish to use the TV, and added developer tools is always a bonus for users in the long run. Of course, gamepad improvements are never something we’ll turn down, either.