The extensive set of controls on Nvidia’s Project Shield make it a great option for playing action-rich games like ArmA Tactics.

Nvidia’s Project Shield, a handheld console styled as a controller and featuring a 5-inch display, is one of the most unique Android devices out there. Except it’s not actually out there, yet. Sadly, we still don’t know when the Tegra 4-powered Shield will actually ship. All we have from Nvidia are some vague estimations and a whole lot of teasing. Oh well, that’s the life of obsessive gadget collectors, I guess.

The latest Android Thursday video from Nvidia shows us how the upcoming ArmA: Tactics will play on the Project Shield. The game is currently in development by Bohemia Interactive and is expected to launch sometime in Q2 2013, probably ahead of the Shield.

Nvidia is touting the impressive collection of triggers and buttons available on the Shield, which promise to make easy work of controlling complex games like ArmA Tactics. Another highlight of the video are the enhanced graphics that will be available exclusively to the Tegra 4-optimized version of the game. But worry not, you’ll still get some pretty sweet-looking graphics on devices powered by Tegra 3 or other chips.

What do you make of Project Shield? I am personally excited over the PC game streaming capabilities of the device, but Android gaming is growing by leaps and bounds. Did I tell you that Tegra 5 promises true console-quality games on the go? Check out this amazing video for some proof.

Bogdan Petrovan
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