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Just how did Project Shield get built? Nvidia reveals all.

Have you ever wondered how Nvidia built Project Shield and why? Nvidia has spoken out to tell their story of how Project Shield happened.
January 31, 2013
project shield controller
It is without a shadow of a doubt that Project Shield was one of the biggest announcements of CES 2013. It was one of the few pieces of hardware that wasn’t leaked ahead of time, which really made it’s announcement a giant surprise.

On top of being what will undoubtedly be a top console for Android games this year, Project Shield is also capable of playing PC games by streaming them from the PC to the Project Shield screen or to a TV screen. This makes it a truly all-in-one device for putting everything you ever wanted on your TV.

So how did Project Shield get started? What were the motivations? Well, Nvidia has decided to reveal all of that and more. In a recent post on their official blog, Nvidia broke down the experience of creating Project Shield and why it was made. As it turns out, it sounds like something out of Area 51 than a well respected hardware company.

The post paints a picture that sounds like the beginnings of an alien autopsy. Men walking in and out of unmarked doors, surrendering their smartphones to the security guard, and walking around in blue lab coats. The only difference is that these guys had copious amounts of KFC and worked 14 hour days.

Their motivation is something every gamer wants to hear. They wanted to build something for gamers, by gamers. That meant playing every game, playing it well, and just being generally awesome. So that’s what they went out and built.

project shield

How much of the Project Shield process does Nvidia talk about?

Pretty much all of it. From conception to building it down to the announcement at CES 2013. If you want to see how it was done from the people who did it, this is what you’re looking for. It’s also really cool for a company to detail their process like this. It gives Project Shield some personality and since it’s aiming to be in the living room of every casual gamer, it can never have enough personality.

If you want to read all of it, check out the Nvidia Blog post detailing everything. If you want more details on it, don’t forget to sign up for their email list. If you want to relive the magic of the announcement, well we’ve posted our live coverage video above for nostalgic purposes. Now, just shut up and take our money, Nvidia!