Mobile technology evolves so fast, it’s mind boggling. Only a few years ago, gaming on the go meant crude graphics and simplistic gameplay, and here we are today, talking about console titles ported to run on a Android mobile device.

As part of its Android Thursdays series, which shows off Android gaming on the Tegra 4-equipped Project Shield, Nvidia demoed a complete port of a previously PS3-exclusive title, Burn Zombie Burn!

While not the most graphics intensive PS3 title, Burn Zombie Burn! is still a game that was designed to take advantage of the (still) powerful silicon inside a video console. So it’s impressive that Nvidia not only managed to port the game to the Shield, but also added some extra eye candy, just to showcase the prowess of the Tegra 4 processor inside.

The game seems to run smoothly, and thanks to the extensive set of controls that Nvidia put on the Shield, gameplay is very similar to the console version.

We still don’t have much information on when would the Project Shield become available, although Nvidia did give us a hint about the price tag of the device – it won’t be cheap. Are you interested in Project Shield?