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Nvidia Grid to kick cloud gaming into gear

Nvidia has announced a new Grid system at CES which could finally make cloud gaming a reality on our smartphones and tablets.
January 7, 2013

Looking beyond the big Tegra 4 announcement from Nvidia there was also good news for gamers. The tech giant has created a gaming system it is calling the Grid and the aim is to deliver cloud gaming to everyone. An Nvidia Grid app on your Android smartphone or tablet powered by “revolutionary cloud-gaming architecture” is capable of bringing you the latest releases with all the bells and whistles.

The promise of cloud gaming is that you can play the latest high-end games on any hardware with a decent Internet connection. This means cutting edge releases from the world of consoles and PC gaming on your Android phone or tablet. The games run remotely on powerful hardware and the action is streamed to your device.

Nvidia showed off Trine 2 running on LG’s 4K TV and demoed the cross-platform syncing – you can pick up a game where you left off on another device, as long as the Nvidia Grid app is installed. The Grid is apparently a single GPU tower which is equivalent to 700 Xbox 360s working in unison.

With six partners signed up to use the platform and the promise of “36 times more HD-quality game streams than first-generation cloud-gaming systems” and reduced lag, Nvidia is clearly serious about this. The two big players in this space so far have been Gaikai (acquired by Sony) and OnLive (came close to going bust). Nvidia may be late to the party, but it has the expertise and the deep pockets to make it work. It looks like 2013 is shaping up to be the year that cloud gaming finally takes off in a big way. About time!