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While everyone on the mobile scene knows that Qualcomm really heated things up towards the end of 2012 with their S4 Pro, many are hoping that NVIDIA is going to drop a bomb on everyone that will really shake up the mobile performance race.

What does NVIDIA have in store? 

What does the future hold? What will NVIDIA unveil tonight? You’ll find out starting at 8pm PST! And, as always, we’re here, live in Las Vegas, to offer you an insider’s perspective on what to expect for 2013!

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Check out our liveblog below! Feel free to ask us any questions, and to let us know what to look for, here at the event, and at CES 2013!

Live Blog!

Thanks guys! Remember, we do this for you, so let us know what you want us to cover and scour for at CES 2013!

Darcy LaCouvee
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