NTT DoCoMo has begun addressing the unique translation problems that occur with Japanese speakers. Because the Japanese language is so different, it makes calls from Japan very difficult. This is because most of Japan’s citizens have to learn other languages in order to properly communicate via phone calls. Now that NTT DoCoMo provides Japanese translation, we are one step closer to having seamless communication throughout the world.

Enter Android. With this new plan, all users with Android 2.2 or above will have access to Hanashite Hon’yaku, an automatic translation service. The only other requirements is that the user must be on the carriers moperaU or sp-mode plans. Once this service is established, it will convert all incoming and outgoing speech into the proper language so that both parties will understand the conversation.

The service will commence on November 1st. For starters it, will translate between Japanese and Chinese, English or Korean. Additional languages such as French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai will added as November progresses.

In addition, NTT DoCoMo will be releasing a service titled Utsushite Hon’yaku. This service will use your phone’s camera lense to capture written text, and then translate it. This service will be released on October 11th to hold you over until next month.