If you’ve wanted for some time to get in on the Samsung Galaxy S3 craziness, but you couldn’t really afford the premium asked for the super-phone, Sammy might just take care of you soon with the Galaxy Premier.

But what about if you want the S3 and aren’t ready to cough up more than a couple hundred of bucks? You can still get the beast subsidized or… get a SIM-free Nova N3 and claim it’s a Samsung Galaxy S3. If you can keep your cool and tell a lie without blushing the very next second, you might even get away with it, because the N3 is one of the most shameless Android clones we’ve seen in a while.

Tempted? You probably are, although do keep in mind that such clones are not to be trusted when it comes to build quality and reliability. Not to mention that the Nova N3 will definitely be hard to procure, being available at this time only in Malaysia, for RM599 ($196). Or that it comes with a spec sheet far inferior to that of the original Galaxy S3.

An 8 MP rear-facing camera is the only thing to tie the Galaxy S3 with this copycat aside from the design and a sneaky i9300 model number. The Nova N3 has a 4.7-inch display with a modest WVGA resolution, a measly 1 GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor, and a laughable 512 MB of RAM.

The running of Android 4.0 ICS is also modest, but certainly not surprising, while S3’s LTE speeds are downgraded to just 3G here. No words on internal storage space (though we wouldn’t expect more than 8 GB), the front-facing camera is equipped with a 1.3 MP sensor, while connectivity options also include Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi and USB 2.0.

Still interested in this S3 lookalike? Well, don’t be. Just don’t. Irony and jokes aside, clones are never to be trusted. Not in sci-fi movies and definitely not in today’s technology market.

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