As is the case with all major version releases of Android, the initial rollout is fairly slow and limited. Officially, Android 7.0 Nougat is only available for a handful of devices. Fortunately, the crafty developers and modders who make the Android community so unique are building homebrew fixes to bring Nougat to devices fans are clamoring for. The latest recipient of jerry-rigged Nougat is the OnePlus 3.

This capability comes to OnePlus 3 owners courtesy of an unofficial Cyanogenmod 14 build. If you’re a OnePlus fan eager to get your Nougat game on, then you should be aware that this is an extremely early build that isn’t without its shortcomings.

You won’t be able to use your phone’s call feature, for one. And the camera won’t work. And neither does Dash Charge. Or the Alert slider. Still, you’ll be able to install Google Play applications, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities are intact and NFC is kind of working as well.

That’s a lot of caveats, we know, but the modding community is still hard at work, just as they are on the Nougat version for the Nexus 5. Hopefully we’ll see a more or less fully functional version of Android 7.0 arriving on the OnePlus 3 soon.

To get the full details, head on over to the XDA developers forum. Let us know in the comments if you’ll be giving this early version of Nougat a whirl on your device!

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