Many apps in the Google Play Store cater to just about everything, from games to productivity apps. As mobile phones are getting smarter, notifications can’t even cope with the latest trends as end users constantly seek better software.

Android’s notification alert system isn’t that bad and it even outperforms Apple’s iOS. Certainly, there is still some room for improvement but, unfortunately, there are not many applications in the Google Play Store that cater to notification alerts. Luckily for Android users, NotifierPro by Productigeeky tries to bring the stock notification alert up to the next level.

NotifierPro gets right to the point by enhancing your phone’s alert notification. The app was recently updated to easily integrate with the Ice Cream Sandwich update. The revamped UI is pretty slick and has a modern feel that brings large buttons for users to easily access the application.

Aside from being an alert notification enhancer, NotifierPro can also integrate notifications from any pre-installed app on your phone via the accessibility service. Users can also configure a preset gesture to remove any notification that pops up on your phone. If you wish to dismiss all notifications, you can easily do it in one swipe by setting a different gesture for that purpose.

On the other hand, selecting a specific notification will let you control how that notification will behave. You can either swipe to the right to dismiss that notification or swipe in the opposite direction to remove all notifications from that application or contact.

In order for NotifierPro to work properly, users need to activate the accessibility service, as this is the only way to process notifications for the Android OS.

NotifierPro easily integrates with other lockscreen apps like MagicLocker or WidgetLocker, making it great to compliment your already cool-looking main screen. Banners will automatically show above your lockscreen even if you are running a stock Ice Cream Sandwich lockscreen.

Depending on the alert, notifications are shown on a white background. Beside the alert, a small icon will be shown, depending on the application. Instant messages, on the other hand, will be displayed on a black background with the corresponding message and image of the contact who is calling or messaging you. NotifierPro will even notify you even if you are playing games or using any application in full screen.

NotifierPro is available in two variants, the lite and the plus version. Paying for the plus version will give you additional features, such as the ability to configure individual apps’ settings, choose from over 5 different themes, and other miscellaneous settings that users can tweak and control. 

Before you purchase the paid version, be sure to check out the free version. Although the plus version is ideally tempting to purchase, it is best that you check out the free version first. Enhance your notification bubble by downloading NotifierPro.

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