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Samsung’s pair of Note devices is on its way to stores from around the world.

Customers in 140 countries will be able to buy the new Note 4 by the end of October, stated DJ Lee, president of Samsung’s mobile division, at a launch event in Seoul today. That’s the same number of countries that the Note 3 launched in last year.

Samsung reportedly moved forward the release schedule of the Note 4 in response to the good market reception of the iPhone 6 Plus. In Korea, the Note 4 is hitting the stores this Friday, instead of early October as Samsung initially planned.

Lee showed himself very confident in the sales performance of the Note 4, and called the early reception of the device “awesome”  (Note 4 pre-orders sold out in hours in Korea).

“I can’t tell you about the internal sales target for the Note 4; but it will be much higher than for the Note 3. We have expectations given initial consumer reactions”

An unofficial source claimed yesterday that Samsung’s internal shipping target is 15 million units in the first month, a leap over the 10 million Note 3 units that Samsung shipped in the first month in 2013.

Lee also tried to appease the worries of shareholders and analysts, at a time when Samsung’s stock price hit a two-year low:

“Samsung can improve its profits as we are positioned well to pursue technology improvements, steadily, based on solid corporate fundamentals.”

As for the Note Edge, the curved screen phone is a device meant for “niche markets,” said Lee, much like the Galaxy Round from last year. The Edge will be available in a limited number of countries, including the US, where the big four carriers have already announced they would put it on sale later this year.

However, even if the Note Edge does go on sale in your country, you may have to wait quite a bit to get it – the phone will only launch in late October in South Korea, and Samsung typically launches high-end devices in its home country first. A November-December release date for the Note Edge in the US is entirely plausible.

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