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Update: Samsung published a detailed breakdown of the apps and services available for Note 4 users. Check it out here.

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We all know and loathe bloatware – nobody likes having their devices stuffed with apps they never use and subscriptions to services they never heard of. Worse, this cruft is often impossible to remove, at least not without rooting and losing warranty in the process.

That’s why it’s nice that Samsung has taken a different route for its recent flagship devices: instead of preloading a bunch of stuff on every device, Samsung has set up a Galaxy Gifts page from where you can sign up for freebies and a section on Samsung Apps where you can download/sign up for just the stuff you want.

In the case of the Galaxy Note 4, the virtual perk bag is quite consistent. Samsung hasn’t revealed the total value of the apps and services it offers to each Note 4 user, but it’s probably in the hundreds of dollars. Of course, that’s assuming you’d take advantage of everything, which is likely not the case.

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Highlights include a 2-year 50GB Dropbox subscription, 6 months of Parallels Access, a full license of Sketchbook Pro, 3 months of OnLive, 3 months of Audible, 1 year subs to NYT and WSJ, and more.

Head over here to check the full list or visit the Galaxy Gifts section directly on the Galaxy Apps store. The deal is also good for the Galaxy Edge, though it will probably be a while before you can buy it.

Anything you plan taking advantage of? Will you buy the Note 4 when it goes on sale this Friday?

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