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Yet another report claims Note 4 will be available in early September

A new report from ET News backs up the previously rumored claim that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will arrive in early September, shortly after its announcement.
July 25, 2014
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Exactly one month ago to the date, we reported on a claim from Korean news site NewsTomato that suggested the Note 4 was ready for production and would be released shortly after its unveiling at IFA in September. Now the much better known Korean-based ET News has corroborated the idea of an early September Note 4 launch.

How soon after the announcement can we expect the phone to ship? ET News doesn’t give us an exact timeframe outside of early September, though they do stress that the gap between announcement and release will be much smaller than the Note 3, which was announced on September 4th and didn’t arrive in the United States until the first week of October. Could Samsung be planning a similar move to HTC, where it announces the phone and launches it immediately in select markets? Anything is possible, but at the very least we expect the phone to hit within a week or two after announcement — if this report proves correct.

For those wondering why Samsung is in such a hurry to get the phone out the door, ET News says that the Korean giant is hoping to get the phone out quickly so it can combat against the iPhone 6, which is believed to be making a jump upward in screen size when it debuts that same month. Furthermore, sales for the Galaxy S5 reportedly haven’t been as good as Samsung had hoped, and the company is hoping the Note 4 will turn things around. Regardless of when the Note 4 arrives, we expect it to perform well in terms of sales, at least judging by past Note series performance. As for what the phone will bring to the table, be sure to check out our rumor roundup for a better look.