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Videos: Note 3 survives the test that bent the iPhone 6 Plus

Unbox Therapy's Lewis Hilsenteger took it upon himself to test just how easy it is to bend the iPhone 6 Plus and the Note 3.
September 24, 2014
iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test - YouTube 001630

Apple is learning firsthand about the challenges of building large phones. And we’re not talking about the massive footprint of the iPhone 6 Plus, which is positively larger than most Android devices with similar screen sizes.

Earlier this week reports began surfacing about Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus bending without apparent reason. Several users claimed they just walked around or drove with the iPhone 6 Plus in their pockets, and were horrified to find that their sleek new devices became curved.


The reports sparked a storm of posts, reports, and snarky tweets, with the #bendgate hashtag already doing the rounds on social networks.

Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger took it upon himself to test just how easy it is to bend the iPhone 6 Plus. Check out the results below:

While this isn’t a “scientific” test by any mean, it’s safe to say that Apple has a problem on its hands. Sure, Lewis purposely applied a lot of force on that poor device, but if it’s this easy to bend it, small everyday mishaps like sitting on your phone on the couch could ruin your expensive investment.

Not all large phones are this likely to bend under pressure. In fact, Unbox Therapy did the same test with the Note 3, and Samsung’s device came out unscathed.

In the past, Samsung highlighted the testing procedures its devices go through, which include a bending test designed to simulate a person sitting on the device.


The Note 4, coming in October in the US, features an aluminum frame combined with a plastic back plate, though the internal structure of the phone is similar to its predecessor.