Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Samsung Galaxy Gear

If the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear combo have you excited, this may not help your heart rate: T-Mobile is giving the pair away! Just for pre-registering for information on their site, you could win the newest combo from Samsung!

T-Mobile made the giveaway known via a Google+ post, but the linked page doesn’t quite have the contest info up yet.

The Note 3, when paired with the Galaxy Gear, make for a very smart duo. The Gear, while limited, still holds quite a bit of promise. It’s currently little more than a notification center, and is further limited by the need to have a Note 3 to pair to, but that’s not a big deal if you win the set!

If you’re interested, head over to the T-Mobile page soon. Anyone interested in winning the set must sign up by September 15th to be eligible.

The next big contest for the next big thing from Samsung!