Wondering what’s so great about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3? While you can certainly check out various hands-on videos and reviews to get a better look, there’s something said for actually experiencing the Note’s latest features. With that in mind, Samsung is now bringing Android users a way to get a taste of the Galaxy Note 3 experience right from their existing handset.

The “Galaxy Note 3 Experience” app is available right now from Google Play, and offers up the ability to test out S-Pen features like Air Command, Pen Window, Action Memo and S Finder. It also has some Galaxy Gear features to demo, and includes plenty of hands-on videos that are designed to help you dive deep into the Note 3 experience.

Of course the entire app is nothing more than a demo designed to make you think long and hard about switching to the Note 3, but it’s certainly a well thought out program and is truly the closest thing you’ll come to trying out the Note 3 without actually putting your hands on the device.

To grab the app for yourself, you simply need an Android device with at least 4.1 Jelly Bean onboard. Also don’t forget to check out Android Authority’s own Note 3 review to learn more about what to expect from Samsung’s latest Note flagship.

Andrew Grush
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