samsung galaxy note 3 cover accessories aa 9

Samsung is great at one key aspect of device introduction: giving us accessories. While many companies leave us waiting — and wanting — for accessories, Samsung rolls out at least a few covers at launch. Their Note 3 is no exception, with a rainbow of colors available for the device.

The covers also come in two varieties: one with a window (shown above), and a fully enclosed model. The window will, of course, allow you to get updates and such, while the full cover has your Note 3 looking a little more professional and polished. Either look fantastic with the art deco-esque sides of the device; a choice that seems to have been made with covers in mind.

The Note 3 also comes in a ton of colors, and with a user-changeable back plate, you’ll never get bored with the aesthetics.

Check out the pics, and let us know what you think. The covers definitely make your device look smart, and the accompanying S-Pen will come in really handy for power users. A removable plate and extra batteries are also handy, though we don’t have pricing on the batteries or rear cover just yet.