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Disable the shutter sound and change other settings on the Note 2 with this simple app

Note 2 Hidden Settings is an app that allows you to easily and safely change a series of settings that are normally not available to the user.
August 24, 2013


When it comes to Android customization, savvy users tend to think of custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod or Paranoid Android, but that’s not something that any user can easily do. While flashing a new ROM is the most powerful way to refresh you Android device, there are more accessible ways to make changes.

For Samsung devices, one simple method to change system settings is to manually edit a so called CSC file. To make the process even more straightforward, XDA member nagasgura created an app called Note 2 Hidden Settings, that does all the work for you.

note 2 hidden settings

As the name suggests, the app is primarily designed for the Galaxy Note 2, though it can be used, with caution, on different Samsung devices as well. The app requires root access.

Ok, so what can you do with Note 2 Hidden Settings? Here’s a sample:

  • Enable scheduled settings
  • Search contacts with the keypad
  • Extend speed dials to 100
  • Disable camera shutter sound
  • Enable infinite scrolling

The app features a handy Reset to Default option and everything is packed in a nice Holo interface.

Remember that, whenever you use apps such as these, you should proceed with caution. Read through this XDA thread for instructions and support.