If they can build nuclear bombs, then why not Android tablets? A report by the Associated Press says North Korea seems to be manufacturing — or at least trading — Android tablets, as well.

Photos taken at a trade fair in the country’s capital, Pyongyang, show a representative from Chosun Computer showcasing a large-sized tablet computer apparently running Android. The retail boxes were actually marked “Samjiyon,” which caught the attention of South Korean media, as well as the local Google office.

It can be noted that a few Android powerhouses come from neighboring South Korea, such as Samsung and LG. The North is not exactly known for its tech prowess, given that only a very small minority have access to the Internet and online services. In fact, North Korea reportedly has a total of 605 Internet users as of 2011, statistically zero percent of its population.

Earlier reports on the Samjiyon tablet even indicate that it does not have Internet connectivity options, although it does have an encyclopedia, games and a photo album.

Tablet computers like the one featured on the AP photo are likely meant for the elite and communist party members. We’re not sure how much these devices cost, but the company is not likely going for mass production and sales.