Barnes & Noble announced plans today to bring its Nook devices and content over to the UK market this fall. The Simple Touch (regular and GlowLight version) will both arrive to stores around mid-October with an unnamed partner in the UK.

Amazon and Kobo devices already have a pretty solid place in the UK, so it’s hard to say how well the Nook line will do in the UK. In the U.S., Amazon leads the pack when it comes to e-readers with Nook trialing behind, despite its well known brand. In the UK, the B&N brand isn’t exactly well known, so this makes the move at least a little more risky.

Of course Microsoft has recently started working with B&N after buying into the Nook brand, so perhaps with Microsoft’s help the brand has a shot? To our UK users out there, any chance you’d consider a Nook e-reader or is there another brand you prefer for tablet and e-reader needs?