The NOOK Tablet is a great Android tablet for book lovers out there–and Barnes and Noble has just formally announced its price and availability. Relatively priced cheaper than its competitors, you can own the device by preordering now for US$249.  We could see the NOOK Tablet in store shelves this coming November 17, at your favorite Best Buy outlet.

Under the hood of the NOOK Tablet sits a powerful 1.0-GHz dual-core dual-core processor, 16 GB of internal memory that is expandable up to 32 GB via microSD card, and 1 GB of RAM.  The device has a 7-inch screen display that is rumored to have the same IPS variant that allows users to have a full 180-degree viewing angle. Not to mention that the device supports 1080p video recording and weighs less than a pound.

Software-wise, it looks pretty much the same as in the earlier NOOK, but the newer version has built-in Netflix service straight out of the box.  Barnes and Noble claims that the device perfectly integrates support from many video streaming services like Hulu, Rhapsody, MOG, and Pandora, just to name a few. Android still runs beneath the Barnes and Noble UI, which primarily focuses on books rather than apps.

Tablets are becoming cheaper nowadays and with the introduction of Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Tablet, it seems that many companies are joining in the bandwagon. Replacing the aging NOOK Color, the newly designed NOOK Tablet has been revamped to sport the latest hardware specifications to date.

What e-reader are you planning to buy for the holidays?



Paul Nuñal
Paul and I.T. are synonyms. If you need help with I.T.-related stuff, call on Paul. His experience with Android phones goes way back to the ancient single-core-phone days. But, he keeps himself up to date, so now he has a dual-core beast in his pocket, and is looking forward to getting his first quad-core monster, and when it comes, his first eight-core phone. Perhaps he should be called Mr. X-Core, where "X" equals the number of CPU cores.