Barnes & Noble just announced a price cut for their Nook tablet range. The three 7-inch Android tablets are all now temptingly cheap. The 16GB version is now $199 (down from $249), the 8GB version is now $179 (down from $199), and the Nook color is just $149 (down from $169). If you need further persuading, then check out our top four reasons why the Nook Color is still worth having.

The 7-inch tablet market is just starting to get interesting, so you might want to wait just a bit longer. Google created quite a buzz with the Nexus 7. Competition in the tablet war is heating up, with strong rumors of an iPad mini from Apple and a new version of the Kindle Fire from Amazon.

Barnes & Noble website

If it’s an Android tablet you’re after and you want it primarily for apps and games then it’s tough to see past Google’s offering. The Nexus 7 may not be an iPad killer, but it certainly outperforms the Nook and the Kindle Fire. If you’re primarily looking for an e-reader, then the newly priced Nook may just win you over.

Just be warned, if you take the leap with a Nook right now, you may be feeling buyer’s remorse within the next couple of months, as the range of 7-inch tablets on the market swells with competitively-priced options that outperform it.

Simon Hill
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